Bachelor Contestant Shares Dating Advice

Bachelor Contestant Shares Dating Advice

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If there’s anyone qualified to dish out dating advice, it’s sweet Sarah Vendal from the most recent season of The Bachelor. She didn’t find her happily ever after with Nick Viall but she’s continuing her search for love and having some serious fun in the process. Read on for her words to single ladies everywhere, including how the show changed her outlook on relationships for the better.

Tell us about your experience dating Nick on The Bachelor!

Sarah: Dating Nick on The Bachelor was a whirlwind from the get-go! When you’re chosen out of thousands of women who put themselves out there for this, you think to yourself “Holy moly, maybe he is the one for me!”…well, at least that was how my mind worked.

So from meeting him on night one to our first group date just hours after, it was an emotional rollercoaster. You want it to work so badly, but the little disconnects that are just normal dating red flags in real life for you to think about make you feel like the relationship is on eggshells. In hindsight, I knew he wasn’t going to be for me, and he knew that as well. It was very obvious who he was genuinely interested in, and I wasn’t one of them, which is so okay! Our conversations were just never there, and our chemistry was missing.

The whole experience teaches you so much about yourself and your feelings! We joke about it now, but really you learn to identify and verbalize your feelings like a professional. I also learned to take risks. You come back from the show and you feel like you conquered the world. In my opinion, that’s why so people change up careers, or where they live. You’re like, if I can survive that, I can survive whatever else I was scared to try before this.

How has being on The Bachelor affected your dating life today?

I do have to say dating after the show has set some crazy expectations. I mean, we were just conditioned to expect an engagement after 60 days, so if I’m talking to someone and we haven’t had the “What are we doing here?” talk after 30, I’m like…sooo, what’s the deal?

Jokes aside, dating after this show has become simplified for me. The Bachelor teaches you to ask the hard questions early on. While that never used to be my typical style, I found it has helped me to stay focused on what I want rather than spend time with someone who I know wants different things out of a relationship than I do. If you ask the hard questions on the show, the worst that can happen is…well, a lot. You publicly go home on national television. So scary, but you risk it anyway.

Post-show if you ask the hard questions, the worst that can happen is that you’re privately rejected and no one is the wiser. It’s much easier to accept rejection now, so you feel ok putting yourself out there more. But it has also made me more accepting, more willing to hear someone out I might not have heard out before, and it has made me all the more of a romantic. Sorry boys, but I’m still a sucker for roses – white ones!

Any tips for leading an adventurous, fun-filled life while searching for love?

Omgosh, so many! Say yes to things, but don’t be afraid to say no to something you don’t want to do. Being decisive used to be incredibly hard for me. I’m a people pleaser and I hate the thought of disappointing someone. However, the more I just decide what I want to do, the better I feel, the more effort I put into other things and people, and the more confident I am all around.

I also say spend alone time. Don’t be afraid of it. I LOVE taking myself to the movies, or to grab lunch. Also, make time for all your friends and make plans. I love having something to look forward to, especially with summer coming up!

Lastly, be open with what insecurities you have. I have them. Everyone totally does, men included! You never know when you might meet someone who fears the same things you do.

What does a perfect first date look like to you?

FUN! My goodness, if we can’t have fun right off the bat, I’m worried. Ultimately I want a best friend, but that doesn’t mean chivalry goes out the door (and for me that extends to the whole relationship). I look for a man who opens the door, walks on the side of traffic on the sidewalk, and for the first date, plans. It doesn’t need to be big at all, I just like to see that there was some thought put into it.

When in doubt…activities are best! Breweries, sporting events, hikes, walks, food festivals, the county fair, bowling, heck…take me grocery shopping for all I care. I’m just always drawn to things that can spark a flirty, sassy, and somewhat competitive conversation in the beginning.

I do have to say, at the end of the day, on a “perfect” first date, it won’t matter what we do. It’s just a feeling of attraction, respect, and curiosity for one another that I look for to see if there can be something more. We could literally be sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire, waiting for AAA and I’d be in heaven if those intangibles were there.

Fill in the blank: I’ll know I’ve found “The One” when __

I’ll know I’ve found “The One” when I say “Babe, I’m feeling Mexican tonight” and he says, “Blended or on the rocks?” I’m not serious, but I kind of am. This is the hardest question! I don’t know the answer, to be honest. But when I find him I’ll be sure to let you know what it is that made me know he was my one!

...For the full article and amazing photos in Style Me Pretty, click here

Article by Stephanie Weers, Photos by Garrett Richardson, & Event by Events by Talissa

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Our Guide to the Best Holiday Gifts of the Season

Our Guide to the Best Holiday Gifts of the Season

We know how stressful it can be for all you gift givers out there to decide on the perfect present for everyone on your list. Never fear...BORN + MADE has created five gift guides to get you through the Holiday season, all while helping you become known as the best gift giver around town!



Let us help you find the perfect gift for the girl who has everything.

Custom Fashion Hat


What could be better than a personalized gift? Our custom fashion hats are the perfect gift for those who love lying on the beach or walking the chic streets of New York City. This hat is the perfect add to any outfit.

Fashion Clutches


It is said that shoes are a girls best friend…we beg to differ. These fashion clutches are perfect for dressing up any outfit. Worn with jeans, dresses, or even yoga pants, you will see heads turn…although if you’re wearing yoga pants, it may not be a good head turn ;) Make it extra special by adding a custom name in Swarovski crystals!



Never attend a Holiday party, or any party for that matter, empty handed. Hostess gifts don’t need to be extravagant but you definitely need to show some love. BORN + MADE has come up with a few ideas to get you invited back every year!

Wine Bags


While many attend a gathering with wine in hand, sometimes people forget how important the packing of the wine actually is! With these 6 bottle wine bags, not only will you be a super hero for bringing 6 bottles of wine, but these bags can also be used for years to come for any event that your hosts may have...including one at your house! The gift that keeps on giving, as we like to say…

Custom Pillows


While many of you may be thinking, “I don't know if this color will go with their décor,” don't worry! BORN + MADE has made it easy to aovid that issue by offering neutral fabric tones to match any design. You will be the talk of the town with this personalized gift for your closest friends this Holiday season.



We all have those people on our list who are difficult to buy for...the ones who are jetsetting across the globe in style and who seem to have just about everything they might need. Well…have no fear! Perhaps getting them something to make their travel experience more luxurious could be just what they’ve always wanted.

Tote Bag


This black vinyl tote bag is the perfect gift for all of the globetrotters on your list! It's the perfect size for your passport, laptop, many celebrity gossip magazines as you can fit.

Travel Journals


Travel journals are a great gift straight from the heart. Not only are you offering a creative outlet for friends and family to document all of their amazing adventures, but you are also giving them a piece of their trip to take home with them to treasure forever.  Who are we kidding, we just think they're fun...and pretty!



Sometimes we all need something special to get us into the Holiday spirit and to cure the headache that comes with it! We've come up with a few options to keep your Holiday mojo going!

Oh Shit/Hangover Kits


Need we say more? BORN + MADE’s hangover kits are perfect and appropriate for everyone on your list. After those 6 bottles of wine back at that Holiday party, you’ll be thanking us well into the New Year!

Holiday Mugs


When we think of the Holiday season, we picture ourselves bundled in a blanket, sipping hot cocoa from an adorable “His & Her” mug, and watching Home Alone 2. Alright, alright, it’s wine we’re drinking, but it’s still a nice thought!



This is the guide for everyone who may not want to spend too much this year...or these are the gifts for the people you don’t like…just kidding!

Winter Hats


These stylish winter hats are sure to keep you warm this holiday season. Whether you’re skiing down the slopes in Aspen, or walking through Central Park, you will definitely be both chic and cozy. “Après Ski” not really your style? No worries, we are coming out with “Mrs.”, “J'adore”, and “Snow Bunny” sayings in the next few weeks. If these saying hats aren't what you're looking for, we also offer them without patches!

Jewelry Box


Guys… ladies like pretty things. These glass jewelry boxes are a great add to that diamond tennis bracelet you already bought her…hint hint, nudge nudge.


Happy Shopping!



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Tips on Traveling and Caring for Your Fashion Hat

Tips on Traveling and Caring for Your Fashion Hat

So you’ve received your fashion hat…yay! Since we know you’re going to treasure this wonderful new addition to your already stylish wardrobe, we wanted to give you the insider scoop on how to care for, and travel with, your new love.

We took some of our most common questions from customers and have offered some tips and tricks on how to ensure you preserve your hat for the long haul (no pun intended).

Can I take these hats on a vacation? I mean, really?

Of course you can! Customers take our hats all over the world. Take a look at our Instagram page (@bybornandmade) to see a wide range of destinations that our hats have traveled. Is it possible to be jealous of a hat? Because we are! The farthest distance one of our hats has traveled so far was to Bali – 3 plane rides and 10,136 miles from our facilities in New York City. That is equivalent to flying from NY to CA 4 times.

OK, then how in the world do I pack these hats?

We aren’t expert packers but we definitely have 3 great options to get your hat to your final destination!

  1. Wear it on the plane - you have no idea how many times people do this. They are the most fashionable travelers in the airport. Our favorite pic is Carly in a packed boarding area in the PHL airport sporting the Jetsetter.
  2. Request one of our shopping bags and carry it on the plane. If you're nervous about packing your hat, this is a good idea. We can include a shopping bag with your purchase for you to simply put the hat in. It isn't anything fancy...but it works.
  3. Pack it in your checked bag (the most common choice) - we recommend stuffing the crown with either tissue paper or soft clothes. Put the hat flat in the middle of your suitcase (so there are clothes beneath the hat and on top of the hat brim to keep it in place). Place soft clothes like t-shirts on top of the sequined area to protect it, as that is the most fragile.

I've worn my hat a few times and there are wrinkles in the crown - what do I do?

Don’t fret, this is normal and easy to fix. You would think hair dryers are only to style your hair but think again! Simply wet the wrinkled area of the crown lightly, place your hand underneath the wrinkled area on the inside of the crown, and then use a hair dryer on the outside of the hat to blow out the wrinkle. Move the hair dryer up and down so you aren't blowing it directly on your hand for an extended period of time. We call this “MacGyver’ing”.

I got my hat dirty - can I clean it?

We thought you were taking good care of your hat? Just kidding! You can clean them but be careful…

  1. Spot clean your hat with gentle soap and water to see if you can get the stain out. It is OK for the hat to get a bit wet but don't over do it.
  2. Use shoe polish or paint to hide the stain.  

A sequin came off - what should I do?

Sequins can easily be glued back on. If one comes loose, you can use any fabric or super glue to reattach it to the hat.

I don't have the sequin that came off anymore - where can I get sequins?

We’ve got you covered! Just email us and we'll send some over to you. If you’re feeling adventurous you can always stop into any arts and crafts store, they should be fully stocked.

There's a loose thread - how can I fix that?

Put your finest manicure skills to work! Simply take cuticle scissors and cut the exposed string.

I got my hat wet - is that OK?

Yes, totally! I mean, don’t take a dive into the ocean with it on or anything as that can change the shape over time, but a little liquid won’t hurt it. Many customers have gotten their hats wet and worn them many more times. So don't panic.





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Top 6 Bachelorette Weekends of 2016

Top 6 Bachelorette Weekends of 2016

When you hear “bachelorette weekend” you may be thinking of a pool bar in Vegas and sipping your Vodka Soda from an illuminated penis straw in a cup so large you question if they served you the entire bottle. Half naked men lounging poolside all around you, dancing next to a DJ who is spinning tracks you’ve never heard of, all while taking in the scenery of palm trees, bikinis, and drama. While this is a great option for some, we’d like to introduce you to a few of the more unconventional bachelorette weekends that are definitely worth remembering.



Did you ever hear of such a wonderful thing? As we all know, glamping is the new camping and we want to be enjoying it with a glass of wine in hand! We recommend Pope Valley Vineyards for the perfect bachelorette weekend where you will sip wine amidst the Sangiovese and Merlot vineyards at the northern edge of Napa Valley. Wine down, if you will, inside luxury safari glamping tents that are positioned throughout the vineyard with gorgeous views of grapes and the California mountain scape.

Get ready for a personal chef experience, wine tastings, mountain hikes, truffle hunting (who doesn’t love a good truffle?) and live music around evening campfires toasting tasty smores.

Be sure to order your custom fashion hat from BORN + MADE - it pairs perfectly with an elegant glamping weekend for you and your girls!



While this is a bit unconventional, it is the perfect weekend getaway for the adventurous bride! With your BORN + MADE weekend tote in hand, you can jet off to Austin, Texas for some much needed relaxation. Nestled amongst beautiful Texan trees, stunning lakes, and gourmet cuisine, is Lake Austin Spa & Resort where your bachelorette weekend just got peaceful.

Here, you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful lakeside with hikes, sunrise yoga classes, and health focused culinary experiences.

While we all need a little R&R sometimes, there may be some of you who want to escape the serene atmosphere and experience something a bit more lively. We recommend heading down to East 6th Street where you can dive into some good eats at Parkside and then hop over to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar for nightly entertainment of live music and cocktails!

If you want to venture a bit further from the East side, we recommend the bars on West 6th between San Antonio Street and West Avenue, or the spots on Rainey Street.



While this option may seem a little “been there, done that”, you can really make this a bachelorette weekend to remember! Sail Away NY offers you and your group a private charter at sunset where you will begin sailing by the Statue of Liberty and into the New York Harbor. Heading up the East River and under the Brooklyn Bridge, ending your experience sailing around the tip of Manhattan up the Hudson River all with champagne in hand!

After you venture off the sunset cruise at Pier 25, we recommend the TriBeca hot spot, Locanda Verde, for a great dining experience and even better social vibe!

If you’re in the mood to travel the city streets, we recommend the historic Meatpacking District which offers a lot of nightly options – between the signature bachelorette picks of Bagatelle, TAO, and Buddakan all the way to the rooftop bars at The Standard and Dream Hotel, your bachelorette evening just got very New York City chic.



Yes, we know… Vegas is so cliché when we’re talking about a Bachelorette party. BUT, it doesn’t have to be! We researched a couple of the more unique dinner and entertainment options for you and your girls to experience while living it up in Sin City.

If you want to plan your meal on the strip and have an authentic Vegas night out, make sure you hit up Mon Ami Gabi – they offer amazing French cuisine and even better wine. Be sure to request a table outside as you’ll feel like your dining in the heart of the Vegas strip with a front row seat to all the people watching your heart desires.

For those of you who want to go to Vegas but not feel like you’re actually in Vegas, we recommend checking out some of the new bars popping up downtown like Don’t Tell Mama. This unusual piano bar is where you and your girls can take part in their nightly open mic events, full bar, and great atmosphere. Be sure to call ahead and reserve a table as this bar gets pretty crowded!



This is definitely for all you country-loving brides! Nashville is rooted in its deep music history, southern cooking, and tasty whisky’s…the recipe of any good bachelorette weekend! We researched a few of Nashville’s most authentic country music clubs for you to check out on your weekend getaway and don’t worry, there’s no dress code, so be sure to get your girls the BORN + MADE custom bride/bachelorette tanks to make the weekend even more memorable!

Start your night at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn located on Broadway. A stone’s throw from Honky Tonk Row (yes you heard us correctly), there’s a large storefront window where you can see musicians for miles. Surrounded by license plates from all over the country, we hear this is a popular watering hole amongst local Nashvillians so you can assume that the music is going to be top notch and the atmosphere on par with an authentic Nashville experience.

After sipping on cocktails and diving into corn nuggets and pickle chips, we recommend walking over to Honky Tonk Row and ending your night at Tootsie’s Orchid Bar. Surrounded by the “Wall of Fame,” filled with pictures of country music legends like George Strait and Willie Nelson, you can sip on your Bushwacker while taking in the best live country music in Nashville!



Ahhh…Miami. The perfect weekend getaway for relaxation, amazing cocktails, and unforgettable dining experiences.

If you’re looking for a great place to go and be a part of the scene in South Beach, we recommend Prime Italian - it has the vibe of Prime 112 but offers more family style sharing options and is perfect for a group of bachelorettes…especially those dressed to the nines with their custom clutches by BORN + MADE.

If you want to get away from the scene on Collins Avenue or Ocean Drive, we recommend Yardbird on 16th street and Lenox Avenue. This trendy restaurant offers amazing Southern cuisine and is incredibly popular and affordable for everyone in your group!


So all you bachelorettes out there…go grab your girls, your custom hats, and your Advil and check out some of these amazing bachelorette weekend getaway ideas!






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4 Destinations for Your Last Summer Trip of the Season

4 Destinations for Your Last Summer Trip of the Season

Summer is almost over, which means the Out of Office messages are in full effect as employees everywhere make the most of their last precious weeks before fall.  Don’t have a trip planned?  It’s not too late.  There are plenty of last-minute travel destinations for a quick end-of-summer getaway.

From a weekend trip to an extended stay, here are a few easy destinations to make summer last just a little bit longer as well as our tips on what you’ll need in your weekender bag.

Bermuda: Little-known fact: Bermuda is only a 2-hour flight from New York City, and it’s even closer from most East Coast cities, making it an easy weekend trip that will transport you to the ultimate beach vacation destination in (almost) no time.  Think: boating, spa treatments and bright, turquoise ocean views. Hit Woody’s for a fish sandwich (Conde Nast Traveler seconds that!)

What to bring: bikini, beach bag, reading material and plenty of sun protection.  Try one of our fashion hats adorned with your favorite expression to let everyone know just how “offline” you are.

Martha’s Vineyard: Known for its charming, cobblestone streets and quaint, Cape Cod-style cottages, flights and ferries to Martha’s Vineyard are packed all summer long.  But as summer fades and fall sets in, the busy sidewalks quiet, making early fall a lovely time to take a trip to “The Vineyard.”

What to bring: seersucker, madras plaid and the best the preppy corner of your closet has to offer.  Glam your getup with one of our sequined hats to top it off.

ChicagoCentrally located from just about anywhere, The Windy City is a great place to meet girlfriends who may (or may not) live across the country.  Chicago’s festival-goers enjoy the best of art, BBQ, wine, jazz, tacos and more, all summer long.  Don’t miss: Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile—a shopping paradise in its own right—and may we suggest the Signature Lounge atop the John Hancock tower?  Here you can take in a summery cocktail and sweeping city views from 96 stories above ground.

What to bring: shorts, sunnies, the perfect shirt and your festive spirit. Once the weather turns cold after October, Chicago’s appeal begins to hibernate until next spring.

Santa BarbaraIf you live on the West Coast, or if you’re just visiting, Santa Barbara is the perfect late-summer destination for relaxing, dining… and wine-ing.  Take the coastal drive from LAX Airport or fly direct to Santa Barbara and prepare for a culinary adventure.  Follow the Urban Wine Trail to each of the city’s adorable tasting rooms to sample the region’s finest from red to white to rosé, then finish it off at one of the area’s finest dining establishments. Will you run for rosé?

What to bring: Santa Barbara is part of Southern California after all, but the cool ocean breeze may call for a cardigan during late summer.  Don’t forget your shades, and some shoes that not only look good, but will take you comfortably along the wine trail. Cheers!

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Dress Like #1 in the Preseason Football Polls

Dress Like #1 in the Preseason Football Polls

Well, ladies, it’s that time of the year again.  The days where boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands are nowhere to be found.  Where events and dinner plans are scheduled around the top games of the week.  Where the chip and hamburger bun aisles at the supermarket are being constantly restocked.  Where the tailgates are aplenty and the beer (or if you’re like us, Rosé) flows like water.  That’s right, it’s football season and it’s oddly enough, our favorite time of the year.

Like most Americans, we love Sunday football.  But as loyal as we are to Tom Brady (sorry Pats haters but how can you not stare at the quarterback from New England), we really prefer the weekly Saturday line-up of events.  We’re not sure if it’s the thrill of college sports, the dazzling array of mascots (lions, tigers, and Bulldogs, oh my!), the annoyingly mesmerizing touchdown push-ups, or the fact that it’s the first day of the weekend, but we’re hooked (Horns or otherwise).

And that brings us to the most important element of the college football season – the tailgates.  We recently uncovered some interesting news on this American art form.  Did you know…

  • During the Civil War, people actually tailgated at battles. Yes, you read correctly.
  • Both Yale and the University of Kentucky claim that they founded the concept of tailgating. While we understand that tailgates were likely an early development at Ivy League schools given how old they are, there really is nothing like tailgating in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).  The Florida-Georgia game down in Jacksonville, Florida is quite literally, the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party.
  • According to recent polls, Louisiana State University (LSU) is the consistent winner of the best place to tailgate.
  • Almost 50% of tailgaters get to the stadium well over 5 hours before game time.
  • 30% of tailgaters don’t even attend the game.
  • Americans spend over $40B a year in food and beverages for tailgates. While this includes Sunday pro games, that’s a whole lotta chips and dip.
  • There is an actual association to report on tailgating activities…who knew.

Just so you’re appropriately educated in advance of any upcoming dinner parties, or if you just want to look extra smart in front of your boyfriend without having to google, here are the latest top 10 rankings to start the college football season.  Consider it your cheat sheet:

  1. Alabama (Coach Nick Saban…needs no explanation)
  2. Clemson (Deshaun Watson, Clemson’s QB, is in our opinion the best in the nation)
  3. Oklahoma (the Sooners have been playing football since before Oklahoma became a state)
  4. Florida State (Did you know they’re famous for the Puntrooskie? We didn’t either)
  5. Ohio State (THE Ohio State)
  6. LSU (Geaux Tigers)
  7. Stanford (Christian McCaffrey is going to have quite the college career)
  8. Michigan (tailgating in the SEC might win first prize but the Big House is the best stadium)
  9. Notre Dame (RUDY…RUDY…RUDY)
  10. Tennessee (We will always love Peyton Manning…those colors, though)

But from our perspective (and those of the good ole boys and girls down in Oxford), the tailgate attire is really what’s most important.  Win or lose, you always want to look like you’re #1 in both the AP and Coaches polls.  In honor of this timeless tradition (remember it’s been a staple since the Civil War), BORN + MADE has launched a line of fashion hats to help you show off your college pride and those special school slogans that only locals and avid fans can appreciate.  Whatever the college, whatever the rivalry, whatever your beverage of choice, make sure you’re attending your festivities in style.  You do get points for best outfit so show off that college football spirit and pre-order your team hat today from our "College Tailgate Hats" product collection.  Football season is, after all, less than a few weeks away.  Here’s to the best team in the nation and the winner of last year’s national championship, the Alabama Crimson…Roll Tide…go SEC…and go Razorbacks (I just couldn’t resist)!

With Love,

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