Dress Like #1 in the Preseason Football Polls

Dress Like #1 in the Preseason Football Polls

Well, ladies, it’s that time of the year again.  The days where boyfriends, fiancés, and husbands are nowhere to be found.  Where events and dinner plans are scheduled around the top games of the week.  Where the chip and hamburger bun aisles at the supermarket are being constantly restocked.  Where the tailgates are aplenty and the beer (or if you’re like us, Rosé) flows like water.  That’s right, it’s football season and it’s oddly enough, our favorite time of the year.

Like most Americans, we love Sunday football.  But as loyal as we are to Tom Brady (sorry Pats haters but how can you not stare at the quarterback from New England), we really prefer the weekly Saturday line-up of events.  We’re not sure if it’s the thrill of college sports, the dazzling array of mascots (lions, tigers, and Bulldogs, oh my!), the annoyingly mesmerizing touchdown push-ups, or the fact that it’s the first day of the weekend, but we’re hooked (Horns or otherwise).

And that brings us to the most important element of the college football season – the tailgates.  We recently uncovered some interesting news on this American art form.  Did you know…

  • During the Civil War, people actually tailgated at battles. Yes, you read correctly.
  • Both Yale and the University of Kentucky claim that they founded the concept of tailgating. While we understand that tailgates were likely an early development at Ivy League schools given how old they are, there really is nothing like tailgating in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).  The Florida-Georgia game down in Jacksonville, Florida is quite literally, the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party.
  • According to recent polls, Louisiana State University (LSU) is the consistent winner of the best place to tailgate.
  • Almost 50% of tailgaters get to the stadium well over 5 hours before game time.
  • 30% of tailgaters don’t even attend the game.
  • Americans spend over $40B a year in food and beverages for tailgates. While this includes Sunday pro games, that’s a whole lotta chips and dip.
  • There is an actual association to report on tailgating activities…who knew.

Just so you’re appropriately educated in advance of any upcoming dinner parties, or if you just want to look extra smart in front of your boyfriend without having to google, here are the latest top 10 rankings to start the college football season.  Consider it your cheat sheet:

  1. Alabama (Coach Nick Saban…needs no explanation)
  2. Clemson (Deshaun Watson, Clemson’s QB, is in our opinion the best in the nation)
  3. Oklahoma (the Sooners have been playing football since before Oklahoma became a state)
  4. Florida State (Did you know they’re famous for the Puntrooskie? We didn’t either)
  5. Ohio State (THE Ohio State)
  6. LSU (Geaux Tigers)
  7. Stanford (Christian McCaffrey is going to have quite the college career)
  8. Michigan (tailgating in the SEC might win first prize but the Big House is the best stadium)
  9. Notre Dame (RUDY…RUDY…RUDY)
  10. Tennessee (We will always love Peyton Manning…those colors, though)

But from our perspective (and those of the good ole boys and girls down in Oxford), the tailgate attire is really what’s most important.  Win or lose, you always want to look like you’re #1 in both the AP and Coaches polls.  In honor of this timeless tradition (remember it’s been a staple since the Civil War), BORN + MADE has launched a line of fashion hats to help you show off your college pride and those special school slogans that only locals and avid fans can appreciate.  Whatever the college, whatever the rivalry, whatever your beverage of choice, make sure you’re attending your festivities in style.  You do get points for best outfit so show off that college football spirit and pre-order your team hat today from our "College Tailgate Hats" product collection.  Football season is, after all, less than a few weeks away.  Here’s to the best team in the nation and the winner of last year’s national championship, the Alabama Crimson…Roll Tide…go SEC…and go Razorbacks (I just couldn’t resist)!

With Love,