Why Choose Us?



  • Our items are all hand customized in New York City by the same team each day.
  • For all sequined items, the CEO writes out every saying herself to ensure the products are consistent.
  • A lot of our customers have items from us and our competitors but what they all say is that there is no comparison between us.  Our items are better quality, they are more durable, they last longer, and they look better.
  • Our hats, the most popular item we sell, have a UPF of 50+.  They don’t fall apart after multiple wears and they don’t bend or crease. 
  • Our sequins are always trimmed and secured to the product.  Unless you’re buying a $400+ item, no other custom sequin brand has the attention to detail that we do.


Customer Service

  • When USPS loses an entire order of hat's for a customer's bachelorette party, we will remake them overnight and the CEO will hand deliver them to Mexico.  This really happened.
  • Within minutes of placing an order, we will reach out to you if we see anything missing from the order or if we think the sayings or color combinations need to be fixed. 
  • We will respond back to you all day, every day.  Literally.  All members of our team answer live chats and respond to emails, including the CEO.
  • We will go above and beyond for customers.  If you need an item within 2 days, we’ll make it happen.  If you want something for your honeymoon last minute and need it sent to a hotel, no problem.  If you’re unsure of colors and need to see pics, we’ll send them.
  • We’ve received over 2,000 photos from customers wearing our products and we proudly save and showcase them all. 


The Statistics

  • Our reviews are good...really good.  Take a look.
  • Over 70% of our business comes from referrals from satisfied customers.
  • Over 98% of all customers who’ve had an issue with their order repurchase with us.
  • We have the ability to take on massive orders from high profile clients like Too Faced and Sports Illustrated on very tight timeframes.  No other custom sequin company can do that.



The Bottom Line

  • We make high quality products that are worth the price you pay for them. 
  • You won’t find better customer service out there and we’ll stake our reputation on it.