HAT SIZING - I’m worried the fashion hat will be too big, what’s the sizing?

Our fashion hats are one size fits all - the opening is 5 inches deep by 7 inches wide, and the circumference of the crown is roughly 22-22.5 inches.  If you tend to run smaller in the hat department and are worried it will still be too big…don’t be.  We can always include foam inserts that hide inside the lining of the hat to help size it to your head (other people can’t see them and won’t know they’re in there).   Feel free to email us at admin@bybornandmade.com with any questions or concerns on sizing, or if you would like us to include a foam insert.  You can also note this on the “Special Instructions” page at checkout.  


JACKET SIZING - How do the jackets fit?

Our jackets come in 3 sizes - small, medium, and large.  Thin satin bombers are true to size and hit just below the hip bone.  Jean jackets and regular bomber jackets are true to size as well but they are short-waisted.  Feel free to email us at admin@bybornandmade.com with any questions or concerns on sizing.  


NEED ITEMS FAST - I need an item really quickly and I’m worried I don’t have enough time to order?

Custom items are usually received 7-10 days after the order is placed but we can meet whatever deadlines you need – especially if you’re going on a trip or need your new custom item for an event.  If you need something fast, you can select 2 or 3 day shipping at checkout so that we will expedite your order.  And if you’re really in a bind, just email us and we’ll work with you at admin@bybornandmade.com.  Please remember that if you select 2 day shipping on a custom order, it will still take 3 days to get to you (1 day to customize it and process it, and 2 days to ship it).  We do not ship on weekends or holidays so please factor that timing into your order. 


CUSTOMER SERVICE - I have questions – whom do I go to for help?

You can chat with us LIVE on weekdays and sometimes on the weekend...and if we're not online, just email us at admin@bybornandmade.com with any questions you might have.  We respond very quickly and can help however we can.


CUSTOM NOTES ON ORDERS - Where do I put in a note about what my custom item should say?

You can now add your custom text directly onto the product page itself.  If you are purchasing more than one of the same style, you can give us the custom text in the “Special Instructions” section of your cart page.  It is before you proceed to checkout.  If you have any issues or can’t find the section, don’t hesitate to email us at admin@bybornandmade.com and let us know.  We’ll respond promptly and will note it in your order.  Please remember that custom orders cannot be returned.


PRODUCT QUALITY - What is the quality of the your products?

Our items are upscale and last a long time...but don't just take our word for it...check out what our customers have said on our Reviews page.  Also, if you want to get a feel for how our items look in person, check out our Lookbook or follow us on Instagram so you can get ideas for your own sayings and how they might turn out.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! 


PACKING YOUR ITEM - I want to take my new purchase on vacation but I’m not sure how to pack it?

Hats: When packing the hat, we suggest placing the hat in the middle of the suitcase with some clothing underneath and on top.  Just put tissue or soft clothing inside the hat to help it keep its shape and lay soft clothing on top of the sequins to help protect them while traveling.  Then put clothes on top as you would usually do, and keep packing.  You can also carry the hat on the plane in one of our shopping bags if you don’t want to pack it in your suitcase.  Our hats have now traveled successfully all over the world and you can see many of the final destinations on Instagram

Bags: When packing the bag, we suggest placing clothing inside it to help keep it's shape.  We also suggest putting flat clothing over the sequins and .protecting them from the other items in your suitcase.  If the bag is nestled in, with light clothes covering the sequins, you'll be all set!


PRODUCTION – Where, and how, are your items made?

While some of our products are made overseas, all of the printing and customization is done in our manufacturing facility in NY.  All of our products are sequined, not embroidered, and each item is handmade. 


DISCOUNTS – Do you give group discounts?

Definitely.  We love doing parties and events, especially for weddings and bachelorettes.  Contact us at admin@bybornandmade.com for more details.


CARE – Can I machine wash the items you sell?

Sequined items cannot be washed or dry cleaned - they must be spot cleaned.  We recommend that all jackets be dry cleaned.  Make sure to review each product page for specific instructions! 


SHIRT FIT – How do the shirts and tanks fit?

Most items run true to traditional sizing.  The great thing about our tank tops is that they fit every shape and size - they literally look good on every body type.  We have noted on each product page if some styles fit differently - the crewnecks, as an example, are fashionable but very fitted.  For any items that can be machine washed, we have tried to provide garments that are preshrunk.  While that’s the ideal situation, that isn’t always the case.  We try to carry items that won't shrink much (if at all) but you should check individual product pages for specifics.